Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Post

That blurry little thing in the middle of the photo on the left is Brendan. For those of you new to this blog Brendan is the son of Valerie and Chris (for more details refer to previous posts or ask someone that knows more on the subject). Brendan is over one year old now. That means he can now be safely thrown about with reckless abandon. Brendan loves being tossed around on beds, couches, and other soft furniture. Although not pictured, Valerie had a turn being thrown around as well. I'm not sure which of the two loves it more. -

+36 I'm writing this post with Brendan is currently in the room with me. That's why strange markings such as the -+36 may appear. That is actually quite impressive that he typed that because it involved the use of the shift key. Brendan is already typing at a 3rd grade level. Now back to the post. This week Valerie surprised me by making some cherry chip cupcakes with cherry frosting. They were quite good and she doesn't really like them so that means I have to eat about 25 more of them. Brendan will help too. He's eaten 1/2 of one so far.

As for me, I've been working on my thesis, applying to hundreds of jobs and even going to an occasional interview. In one interview I was asked to sing the chorus of my favorite song that I had written. I was caught off guard and couldn't even remember the words to my own song at first. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Any interview that involves singing probably isn't a job I want anyway, unless it's a tryout for American Idol. Can you believe they kicked off Garrett?! So much wasted talent.

Moving on. Brendan now knows how to play the harmonica. But when he plays the notes wrong it makes him angry and he throws the harmonica down in a fit of rage. I think if he sticks with it he could really be the next Blues Traveler fat harmonica player.

So I think now would be a good opportunity to announce that I was given a job offer in South Carolina and Valerie and I have decided to accept it. We'll be moving in May. I'll be working for a diet pill company (Dexotrim Inc.) marketing pills and weight loss programs. It's mostly just a sales job, but with my background in music they told me there might be a possibility for jingle writing in the future. It looks like my education is finally paying off. We had some reservations about the move at first. Living in South Carolina will likely mean that Brendan will grow up with a Southern accent, but he will also learn southern hospitality which is good. Of course, moving there will mean that we will likely never see any of our friends or family for a fairly long time (the job only allows for three days of unpaid vacation during the first five years, but after that you can accrue up to five more days over the next five years). Fortunately we will have this blog, as well as the United States Post Office services to keep us in touch with people. We had a good run here in Provo, but it looks like it's coming to an abrupt end much like this post.

Farewell all...

...February Fools!!!!!!

Suckers. Of course, I realize that when/if I actually get a job that relocates us, it will be like The Boy Who Cried Wolf and no one will believe me. Oh well. End communication.


  1. Oh Chris. You had me so excited.

    First you are throwing Brendan, then Valerie - I had hopes you would one day toss me through the air.

    Your little February fools was pretty good, too.

  2. Hi again Val, I just couldn't resist writing again because I love the links you have on your blog. You always did have good taste when it came to fashion and cute things. I really hope it's okay that I check your blog.