Thursday, January 31, 2008


Brendan hasn't figured out how to scoot himself just yet but he loves to sit on his little car and play with all the fun knobs and compartments. He'll entertain himself for quite a while, which gives me and Chris some much needed rest. Unfortunately, most of the time we use the extra minutes to pick up his other toys he's scattered around our house. He's quite the mischeivious little guy but oh so fun. Thanks Grandma Near! Brendan loves his birthday present so much!


  1. Isaac still won't scoot on his scooter (the exact same one Brendan has). He'll open the little compartment and play with levers, then call to me (because I like to escape to the kitchen when he's on the scooter and empty the dishwasher); Isaac thinks I need to take him off the scooter and I think he can do it himself. I think the scooter is one of those gadgets kids learn about from watching their older siblings ride them. Are you willing to provide a baby #2 so that Brendan can set that example for #2? (It makes me nervous just thinking about it!)

  2. I think my favorite post is the one where Brendan is squirting whipped cream in his mouth. Awesome. I can't believe how big he is getting!