Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some of my favorite things

The past week or so has been quite fun. Brendan is growing up so fast and doing new things each day- it's a great time right now, which is why I haven't blogged so much lately. I've having too good of a time being with Chris and Brendan. But I'll give you an overview of my favorite things lately.

1- Brendan has learned to dance. Below is Brendan dancing in a corner. He managed to remove his socks (one of his favorite things and happens now at the first moment the shoes come off) and he must have liked the feeling of his bare feet on the box- which motivated him to do a little shimmy on the box.

It's so fun to see him wiggle his little butt when our cell phones ring or I'm playing music in the kitchen. Right now we are especially loving the Beatles Number One album. We both have fun dancing to those songs. :)

2- Brendan's new ball.

We were lucky to get this green ball- Target's selection of cheap plastic balls consisted of about 100 pink and purple balls and 1 green ball. Bad selection but I'm guessing they're still on low inventory from Christmas? That's my only explanation. But he loves the thing. It makes him laugh without fail. It's sooooo fun to watch.

3- Eating!

Brendan is eating a lot better. I think he may be past the "I'll chew this to get out the flavor and then spit it out" stage. I'm crossing my fingers anyways. He's done really well with spaghetti, any kind of pasta, bananas, toast with a little honey, graham crackers, and Spaghetti O's (maybe not the most nutritional but if he's eating it, I'll take it!).

He's also using a spoon, but I use the word "using" in a very loose way. He likes to hold it and dip it into his bowl, and then proceeds to swirl it around and eventually he'll stick it in his mouth. Sometimes food manages to get stuck to the spoon and makes it's way to his mouth but more often than not, he makes a real mess. But he's learning and taking initiative, and that's really cool to me.

So the Near's are having a ball with our little boy and loving every moment of it. We hope all of you are having as much fun!

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  1. So cute, Val. And Brendan's coming along really well with the whole "spoon in the mouth" thing. Once in a blue moon Isaac will do the same thing but he more often sees the spoon as a hindrance, blocking his view of all of his food. So he'll throw the sppon over. One fun new thing for us has been suction bowls. We'll stick them to Isaac's high chair counter and the boy goes to town with whatever it is we stick in there. I think it's more accessible. I put the spoon in there, just in case, and Isaac's still pretty messy. I miss and love you!