Monday, January 7, 2008

Oh my...

I have a lot to catch up on and I've gotten behind on my blogging. Things around our house have been a little unorganized as we've been trying to get back to our routine and get ready for Chris' new semester (and last semester!). Plus, we've been battling some sicknesses- but I think we're finally back on track now!

Our Christmas vacation was awesome. We had an amazing time with all of our family and I was especially glad to have time with my brother and his wife. Ian and Erin, thanks for coming- you guys rock!

Brendan has such a good time with them. He's never been one to shy away from more attention.

The real star of the week was Mary. It was an incredible experience to all be gathered together for her blessing and she looked too adorable in her outfit.

She really is such a good natured, calm baby. Maybe next time, I'll be lucky enough to have a baby like her... maybe.

Brendan had the time of his life, seriously. He's never known such freedom- and he got to eat whatever he wanted, which was apparent by the 5 poops he was taking a day. I think he may have gained a few pounds with me this holiday season.

We did get a chance to celebrate his birthday a little early so we could all be there for the action. Except, there wasn't much action. He wasn't really in the celebrating mood, much to my astonishment and disappointment. But at least we got some cute pictures:

We had to work pretty hard to get him this messy and you can kind of tell by his face that he's not too happy. But at least my cat, Sam, made his happy.

He went nuts over the cat and I think he loved that stuff lion so much because the fur reminded him of Sam's fur. But I could be wrong. Either way, he loved Sam and would get over-excited every time he saw him. And he would make this weird noise, too- it was a little odd but adorable. There are LOTS more pictures- too many to put here, so take a peek. We all had so much fun- thanks Mom and Dad. We miss everyone!!!!

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