Thursday, January 31, 2008


I love this little tiger. He was mine when I was young and his name is Ra-Ra. I put him up on Brendan's shelf that holds all the fun little things I've collected for him that I don't want him to be able to ruin just yet. But Brendan loves him and is always staring at him way up on his shelf... so I usually break down and let him run around with Ra-Ra. All the while, I'm super nervous that the battery is going to die... again.

Here's the story. My dad bought me the tiger after I'm sure what was endless nagging while we were at WalMart or some other similar store. I loved that tiger (I confess, I still do), especially because when you squeeze him, he roars. How cool is that!?! Well, I squeezed him to my heart's content and one day he stopped roaring. There is no way to put in a fresh battery unless you want to snip open his adorable furry tummy and try to rig it somehow. I was heart broken.

Then one stormy Illinois night, my sister and I were sitting watching tv when there was a flash of lightening and a rumble of thunder. At the same time, we heard a strange roaring noise from the other room. It was Ra-Ra. He mysteriously started roaring again and ever since then I've been very stingy with him. I don't like him to be squeezed for fear of that battery finally giving up.

Well, Brendan has changed all that. He'll probably wear that tiger dead but maybe another storm will come along and magically bring him back to life.

PS- this is a TRUE story as far as I can remember. Ask my sis.

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