Monday, January 28, 2008

Puppy Love

My friend Angela was taking care of the world's cutest puppy for a few days, so we HAD to bring Brendan over to see her. I wasn't too sure how he'd react or if he'd be too rough for a tiny little pug but he did surprisingly well!

He was really excited and kept standing up and then falling down. He just couldn't control himself around the puppy and he kept squealing with delight.

Then he found the tv and that stole his attention. He has a thing for buttons on tv's. He can't resist. So he spent several minutes turning Angela and Jandon's tv on and off. Over and over again. He also enjoyed the game where I yell "No, Brendan" and get up to stop him but he acts like he's walking away so I sit back down, which gives him enough time to turn back to the tv and turn it back on and off. We play that lots.

Brendan was sad to go and didn't want to leave their tv or the puppy, especially since there probably is not a puppy in our near future. But at least we'll have the memories~ thanks, Angela!


  1. Those pictures make me miss the puppy!!! She was so cute. Brendan was so hilarious that night! He was cracking me up. I want copies of those pictures if you could send them over that would be great!

  2. that puppy is so sweet! i love little pugs.

  3. Ohhhh! Pug Puppy! You know they are my heart and soul :) That one reminds me of my Sebastian....