Friday, August 1, 2008

Things that make me happy

1. Get-togethers with old friends

Some of us Freshman girls got to hang out this week while MaryAnn and Tara were in town. All we needed were Jenn, Bekah, Christine and Teagan. It'll be a miracle if all of us can ever arrange that, but it sure would be fun. We had a blast watching the kids splashing, catching up and eating delicious food at Thanksgiving Point. I would highly recommend the lemon shake. So delicious and very lemony.

2. Cute kids playing in water.

Isaac and Brendan had so much fun in the water. Brendan was sad to leave the water and his new friends but he actually did really well considering he missed nap time and even refused to sleep when we got home. That wasn't so fun but the rest was!
3. Little boys who love to get dirty

Brendan loves to jump in puddles, even dirty muddy puddles that are really just stagnant gutter water. He jumped right in and slipped, getting mud all over him. But he didn't mind. He cried when we dragged him back to the yard to try to clean him off.

4. Little boys acting grown up

We turned on the hose to try to get the mud off him and he surprised me by taking a drink from the hose like a big boy. I'm glad I was quick enough to get it with the camera.

5. Fun thins on to watch

My latest obsession, thanks to the Parry's, is Burn Notice which airs on the USA Network. Mom, I think this is one you'd like too. Just good ol' fashioned fun and addictive.

One of latest Netflix deliveries was Penelope, which I LOVED. So cute and well done. And even though I'm not usually a fan of James McAvoy, I loved him in this movie. Same with Christina Ricci. I'd highly recommend it anyone. It's totally a chick flick though so husbands beware. I was kind enough to watch this while Brendan was sleeping and Chris was out home teaching, although I know he would have put up with it for me.

6. House hunting

It's official. Chris and I are beginning the process of looking for a home- a real house, something we OWN and not rent. Chris has been taking care of the financial side and I've been veto-ing homes I don't like. So far we've only looked online but I think that will be changing somewhat soon. I'm extremely nervous about the whole thing but it's good to be moving forward, right? I'm expecting that this will be a long process, since I'm resistant to change and quite picky, but I'll keep everyone updated. Wish us luck!

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  1. We looked at so many houses. I still have all the print outs of all of them, I should bind them or something! Andrew loves that splash place at Thanksgiving Point, but it is so slippery!