Friday, March 13, 2009

Surprise, Surprise, it's Puppy Surprise!

This blog post is full of surprises. First, this posting has nothing to do with puppies, I just needed a catchy title with the word "surprise" in it. Second, I (Chris) am posting, which is something I haven't done in a long time. Third, this is the first time I've posted without Valerie asking me to. I'm very proactive. It must be that Stevan Covey class I took a few years back, it just took a few years to sink in. Fourth, the pictures above have nothing to do with this post either, they are just some that I had saved in my picture folder on my work computer. Fifth, surprise! There is no fifth surprise, which is surprising in itself so in a way there is and their isn't a fifth surprise.
Moving on. Stream of consciousness- Berlin is cold today. This town we live in is quite interesting. It looks better in pictures than in reality, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its upsides. You don't have to worry about making choices of where to shop because there is only one grocery store. If you like trees though, this is the place to be. Trees are everywhere and when spring comes around this place will be green and pretty.
So, Brendan and Valerie have been having fun lately while I've been at work. Usually when I get home I find Brendan with marker ink all over his hands, face, clothes, etc., so I know they've been coloring a lot. The funny thing is that Rose Art markers are supposed to be washable, but they aren't. Maybe they just meant that you could wash the marker itself, but not that the ink could be washed away. Valerie has become an expert at crocheting and bread-making as well. I've asked her to crochet me a pair of white tennis shorts. I'll be sure to post pictures once they're done. And the bread she made yesterday was delicious, especially compared to the first loaf she made back when the bottom coil of our oven wasn't working. This made the top of the bread rock hard and the bottom was uncooked. Anyway, anyone that comments on this post will get a free slice of bread. Just include your email address and I'll email it to you.
Lastly, I just got called to be the Ward Mission Leader. Anyone wanting to get baptized, please contact me. I'm a little stressed because it's a small branch and they want results quick. I'm going to try to meet with the tourism board to get Berlin to focus their efforts on attracting Brazilians to this area, their conversion rates are good down there, so if I can bring them to me, then I'll be set.
I must go now. Does anyone remember that time I posted that we were moving to South Carolina? That was pretty funny, but I guess the jokes on me because now we really are in a remote town back East. But seriously, folks, we really like it out here and are waiting for people to visit us. If you don't mind a small, smokey apartment, then you're welcome anytime. Actually, we had our first visitor, Aaron Gilchrist. We met in Plymouth, NH at the Lucky Dog Tavern and Grill. The company was exceptional and the food was ceptional (that's slang for decent, not a misspelling). Aaron brought play-doh for Brendan and we had a good time enjoying the atmosphere of a restaurant that used to be a baseball mitt factory back in the day. Babe Ruth liked their gloves (true story).
- Bye

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  1. Chris-I would enjoy a slice of bread. I actually thought for a minute that you had purchased a welsh corgi (per the title)! That would have been an awesome 5th surprise.