Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things are brightening up!

Guess who will be starting preschool in June? Brendan! Hip hip hooray! There is a really good preschool here that several people from our branch recommended so I looked into it and was really impressed. They have a toddler group for 18 months to 2 years, so Brendan will be joining them in June. I'm very excited and even though it will only be 2 mornings a week, I think it will do us both a lot of good. I'm hoping that the experience will help Brendan's speech delay and I know he'll love the social interaction.

Someone at church said that Brendan is a future politician since he loves to go around and shake EVERYONE'S hand. The boy's not very shy. He loves to meet people- especially other kids. So I know he'll have no problem at preschool.

Speaking of Brendan being a future politician, that reminds me of a funny incident that happened while at the bank about a month ago. While we were waiting, a nice old man next to us said that Brendan has Obama hands. What in the world that means, I have no idea but I think the old man was a little out of it. So I just thanked him and laughed hysterically when were out of sight.

Any who, this is what Brendan's been up to today- making himself a sticker beard. While at Walmart today, he picked these Sesame Stickers out for his treat because he was very well-behaved, which is rare. He dug into them as soon as we got home.

He especially loves Cookie Monster so he saved those stickers on the sheet. I guess he didn't want to waste them on his beard. This little boy sure knows how to make me laugh.


  1. I love that Brendan loves Cookie Monster! Eli does too (and calls him "C" because he's watched C is for Cookie on youtube a few too many times). That's great about the preschool for the fall!

  2. hey Valerie! How is New Hampshire? It looks really cold :-) i hope all is going well for you guys!