Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cherry Blossom Festival



We headed into DC last week to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival and we picked the perfect day. The weather was awesome (mid-70’s), the trees were at their peak bloom and we beat most of the traffic.



We also got to stop and see the Jefferson Memorial, which we missed on our last trip. It was super crowded but still very cool.


The trees were really beautiful and I couldn’t believe how many there are.



The weather was so nice that we had planned to rent a paddle boat and enjoy the water but unfortunately the line was a little too long. I couldn’t even see the end of it. So instead we opted for some popsicles and got to sit and rest our feet. It was a long afternoon of walking and we were all tired.


Brendan was wiped out even though he got to be pushed around in a stroller the whole time but I guess the excitement of the day was enough to exhaust him. He never takes naps anymore so I couldn’t believe that he fell asleep on the ride home. It was a beautiful day and now that the weather has warmed up, I’m sure we’ll be exploring DC more- there’s still so much that we haven’t seen yet!


  1. Holy cow, this post just made me SO homesick! We used to go to the cherry blossom festival every year! The Jefferson Memorial is actually my favorite memorial because it's so beautiful and in front of that lake and all of the cherry trees. You're right, there is so much to do and explore in D.C. So jealous!

  2. I was going to spend this whole post complaining about how unfair it is that you live in my old home with my old wonderful weather, but then I saw your previous post about gearing up for potty training, and I feel like I need to redirect my comment toward blessings, prayers, encouragement and an enthusiastic 'GOOD LUCK!" May your potty training experience be everything mine wasn't with Isaac.