Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I’m Ready…

I’m ready to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. We go in for the ultrasound next Monday and I can’t wait. I’m tired of not knowing and this time around I don’t have much of a feeling either way. With Brendan I was pretty positive he was a boy but this pregnancy has been quite different. I just want to know so I can start getting ready and hopefully buy lots of adorable pink things. There’s a little poll over in the sidebar if you’d like to cast your vote before Monday!

I’m ready to be done with potty training. Seriously. The last couple of weeks have been all over the place. One day Brendan’s doing great and the next he can’t even pee in the toilet. Today was particularly difficult for me to keep my patience with him. He pooped in his underwear TWICE and once happened while we were at the store despite me asking him over and over if he needed to go to the potty. I was already in a bad mood today and this did not help. So it was back in pull-ups for Brendan, which Brendan just treats like a diaper so it felt like we took two steps back today.


We’ve moved to bribing Brendan with cars to see if that will help motivate him and last week he picked out a Chic Hicks car from Cars- which he then tried to flush down the toilet later that night (but luckily didn’t go down). Brendan LOVES flushing the toilet and it was only a matter of time before he progressed to flushing his toys. We thought he had also flushed his Lightning McQueen car too since he was no where to be found so Brendan got in BIG trouble and had a very stern lecture from us while in timeout. And then we found Lightning in the kitchen. I felt so bad. So to make it up to him, we let him go crazy and jump off the stairs (which he is usually not allowed to do).



I’m ready for Brendan’s speech therapy to start. I finally got a phone call to schedule his full assessment so at least we’re getting somewhere. I’m hoping that we can have him start as soon as possible because even though Brendan has made tremendous improvement lately, he still definitely needs some help.

I’m ready for my picky eater to not be a picky eater. He’s so difficult to feed- what kid doesn’t like mashed potatoes?! Or strawberries? Right now, he’s living off of grilled cheese, pancakes or waffles, bagels and chicken nuggets. So it was quite the shock the other night when he found half of a lime and wanted to taste it.



And he actually liked it and took several licks from it. I think he mostly did it because Chris and I were cracking up but hopefully he’ll be more inclined to try new things in the future now.


This kid cracks me up and even though I spend a lot of time trying not to tear my hair out, I just love him to pieces.


  1. I feel your pain! Oh, what would we do without grilled cheese???! Laralyn was helping me make dinner the other day and decided she wanted to try a raw potato. Took a huge bite of it and scampered away. What?! You'll try that, but you won't try a PB&J sandwich?

  2. Christine, our kids must be kindred spirits! That made me laugh so hard because that is exactly how Brendan is.

  3. Valerie, this post cracked me up!! Mostly from the pictures of Brendan jumping off the stairs. And feeling your same frustration with my child who seems like he's getting the hang of potty training but still manages to have accidents. Eli even POOPED IN THE TUB last week. I was so mad I could hardly stand it. What nearly-3-year-old actually poops in the tub?? Come on. Especially one who is starting to get control over his bodily functions anyway.

    Kids test our patience big time! But they are totally worth it. I hope that looks up for you soon! I'm excited to hear what you're having too :)