Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Double the Trouble

Yesterday we found out that we’re expecting another baby boy come mid-September. We couldn’t be more excited and are looking forward to meeting our newest boy.


It was a great experience to see the baby opening and closing his mouth, sticking out his tongue, and curled up in a super tight ball. He was quite active during the ultrasound and the technician felt more than a few of his kicks- what can I say? It seems that we produce kids abounding with energy.


Our ultrasound technician also happened to be practicing her 3-D ultrasound skills so she used me as some extra practice. We didn’t get the best images since the baby didn’t want to cooperate and get in a better position but it was still amazing to see him. He’s a real baby! Who knew? I am completely and whole-heartedly in love.


  1. How fun to have 2 boys together! Congratulations!

  2. We love him already. We think he looks like Brendan!

  3. I thought you were announcing you were having twins, based on the title.

    Ha! Wouldn't that be fun?

  4. hooray! we're so excited! i got your message late last night, worked all day today. i will be calling you tomorrow to catch up! :)

  5. I've been checking to see about your big news. I kind of wanted you to have a girl because I know your first girl will have 40,000 clothes size 0-3 months. But I suppose I'll adjust:). Brendan will pee his pants when he sees his new brother (hopefully not literally, but if he's anything like Isaac, it's possible.)

  6. Congrats on another baby boy on the way!!! Two boys are SO SO fun. (though I won't lie, I still hope I have a girl someday :)

    And that's so cool that you got to see him in 3D! Happy day to you :)

  7. Congratulations!!! I hope you get feeling better soon!