Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just the two of us

It seems like a lot of my posts lately center around Alex so here's a Brendan post.

I decided that Brendan and I were going to have a special outing just the two of us- no Alex allowed! Luckily, this happened before school started so I could snag one of the young women to babysit for me during the day for a few hours while Brendan and I headed out to see Cars 2. He loved the fact that it was just mommy and Brendan and he ended up loving the movie. He might have been the loudest laugher and gasper in the crowd- he was so into it! And I loved that it was a great bonding time for me and him. I don't think a mom has ever loved her little boy more.

We snapped a picture of us before we headed home and while it's not the most flattering picture of us, I absolutely love it. I'm glad I have it to remember the day by. Definitely something I plan on doing again in the future.

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