Friday, April 11, 2008


I forgot to post these pictures earlier but since I am incredibly bored at work, I figured there was no time like the present. I always knew that kids loved bubbles but it wasn't until being in Nursery that I realized just how much. The kids look forward to bubble time just as much as snack time, and they often try to get the container from the cabinet while no one is looking. Kids are very sneaky. Brendan happened to be in Nursery with me one week during bubble time and LOVED it (at least there is a perk to being a counselor in Primary/Nursery- no one can say no to me bringing my son who is not of nursery age yet! Hee hee. JK).

He seemed to get a little frightened by the bubbles for a while but Chris persisted and finally won Brendan over.

He was quite angry when bubble time was over and many tears were shed, but within a few minutes he was back to his normal self.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention my proud mama moments. Brendan can now make several animal noises including dog, monkey, sheep and most recently kitty. His little meows are the sweetest I've ever heard. He has also starting doing the motions to "Popcorn Popping" but only when he wants to. He is especially deft at smelling his popcorn ball. Oh be still my heart- my little one is just too cute for words.

But in case you all thought that Brendan is all smiles and giggles, I should mention the fit he threw at Los Hermanos the other night. He was screaming so loud and squirming so much, that we changed our order for to-go (after he threw everything within reach off the table) and left the restaurant within 20 minutes of arriving. His screams could be heard through out the restaurant, with me getting many stares- some of which were sympathetic. It was quite embarrassing. I just don't want our's to seem like one of those blogs who make other moms feel guilty for not having a child as wonderful as their's. We have ups and downs like every other family with a one year old. But despite his fits, I still miss him incredibly when he goes to sleep and I can't wait until he gets up in the morning.


  1. When looking at the third picture, I like to pretend that Chris is leaning in to kiss me.

  2. Val, you are such a cute mom! Spencer and I used to be nursury leaders and we would do bubbles with the kids at the end while their parents were coming to pick them up. Often the parents had to stay a while and play bubbles with them or promise that they could play with bubbles when they got home. :) hehe

  3. you crack me up. i love your restaurant story... and the bit about you not wanting everyone to think your child is prefect.