Sunday, April 6, 2008

Merry Easter, Everyone!

So, I've been busy lately working on my thesis, looking unsuccessfully for a job, and doing all of my chores at home (vacuuming, dishes, garbage etc.). This means that I'm just now posting about our Easter Box Social extravaganza hosted by Johnny B-Fro and his wife Erin. The event took place on Sunday afternoon up in Ogden. B-Fro had been planning this event for some time now and he hoped to pull it off without a hitch. The festivities began with Brendan pouring Leila's cup of soda all over her. Fortunately, Carrie had brought a back up pair of pants for Leila. I guess she just assumed that Brendan would spill something on her at some point. Well, she was right. From this day forward I think that every time there is a family function everyone should be required to bring an extra pair of pants. Then, if Brendan chooses to spill drinks on anyone, everyone will be prepared and no harm will be done.

Anyway, after the spill the kids watched Monsters Inc. Or, at least tried to. You see, Brendan has this tendency to touch buttons. Especially buttons with lights on them. So, whenever he sees a TV on/off switch he has to touch it. In fact, he can't not touch it. If the TV is off, he has to turn it on. If the TV is on, he has to turn it off. If we let him, Brendan would probably spend days at a time just turning TVs on and off without ever sleeping, that's how much he loves doing that. I can't really blame him though, I love pushing buttons just as much as the next person.

Now, while the kids watched the frequently interrupted showing of Monsters Inc. the rest of us adults talked politics, weather, religion, and so on. We also enjoyed fine barbecue provided by Chef B-Fro and Erin as well as dip by Carrie, potatoes by Valerie, and brownies by Uncle Greg. Following this divine meal we headed to the front yard for the first annual Easter box social egg hunt. Spencer used his cunning to get the most eggs. Leila and Brendan managed to get a few for themselves as well. However, although Brendan found three eggs filled with candy, upon arrival at our home we discovered he now only had one egg with candy. Reputable sources tell us that Leila was playing with Brendan's eggs and she might have accidentally eaten some of his candy. Carrie must deprive her because whenever Leila is around anything sweet she eats it up within seconds, much like her Uncle B-Fro did when he was a kid.

So, in the end the box social was a smashing success. Hopefully it will not be the last of its kind. Hopefully this post will not be the last of its kind either. Now that I'm nearing graduation with very few job prospects I will likely have more time to devote to this blog. If so, then I can start posting about last years Halloween, Christmas, and other such events that I never got around to.

- Near out.


  1. You are one of a kind.

    I have a feeling you and Driscoll are really going to like each other.

  2. Two thumbs up for the box car social and an A+ on the review titled "Merry Easter Everyone". Hopefully you guys will be around to attend the 2nd annual social?!?