Saturday, April 5, 2008

Good times

For Christmas, we got Brendan these fun little musical toys that came in this canister. Now he seems to like the canister more than the music toys. He discovered that the canister is a perfect fit as a new helmet.

He did over and over again...
He loved to have someone tap on it while it was on his head. He got the biggest kick out of that. We spent a good 15 minutes playing with this and laughing hysterically.
Brendan also got some shots on Thursday but despite crying immediately as soon as the doctor walked in the room, he really was one tough cookie. He is teething though so we've had some rough patches but overall, he's as sweet as ever.
For doing such a good job with his shots, we rewarded him with a new set of golf clubs. I know Grandpa Near will be very proud of Brendan's awesome golf skills. He will occasionally hit the little ball but he prefers to swing the clubs around like a sword (and so does his dad). This new little toy has been distracting him beautifully from his teething pain! And so has Curious George, his favorite show. He actually cried yesterday when it was over. Poor guy. But don't feel too bad, we have several episodes recorded so he can watch them when he pleases.

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  1. I didn't know you guys had a blog! YEAH! I love the golf clubs! Andrew has that set also. It is cute to watch them imitate their dads!