Sunday, July 13, 2008

His bite is worse than his roar

Brendan has learned to roar and I think it's the cutest thing in the world. So now, about once an hour, I try to get him to roar which has made him very weary to do it. But I'm determined to get it on video becuase it makes my heart melt.

And Brendan is still teething and loves to bite everything he can get in his mouth. Including your finger if you let him. I don't know why Chris finds it so amusing to put his finger in Brendan's mouth to have him chomp down on it, but he does. Especially since it REALLY hurts. That is not behavior that I encourage since I'm now worried that he will go around biting all his friends. It hasn't happened yet luckily.

I forgot to post this cute picture of Brendan with cousin Mary but luckily my mom reminded me. So here it is. Mary looks quite adorable and Brendan couldn't care less that I was making the strangest noises I could come up with trying to get him to just look at the camera. He was much more interested in our wall I guess.

I've always been feeling very domestic lately, which is new to me. I've found a strange new love of cooking this past week. I made Banana Bread for the first time in what must be at least a year (more likely two) and Brendan devored most of it. I also made homemade Blueberry Muffins, which turned out much better than I expected. I bought the blueberries for Brendan but he's now decided he hates them so I had to find a way to use them up before they went bad. The muffins were a success and Chris has eaten most of those. And all week, I wasn't dreading the time when it came to make dinner. Instead, I tried some new recipes and found I really enjoyed myself. Who knew? Here's to hoping this lasts! And if anyone has any great recipes, send them my way! I'm ready to keep trying new things!


  1. Maddy was the same way with the biting, although she has definitely stopped biting as much, so here's to hoping he won't figure out he can bite his friends! lol. I know what you mean about the cooking though. Sometimes I'll get all motivated and cook and bake a ton. But then I usually get burned out. I'm not good at enduring cooking until the end! :)

  2. aww that is such a cute pic. thanks for posting it so i can make a copy of it. mary misses brendan.