Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today's your birthday?

Today is a special day in the Near home since today is Chris' birthday. And also noteworthy is that it is also David Hasselhoff's birthday, who just happens to be Chris' idol.

In honor of Chris' birthday, we'll be having some delicious Papa John's pizza (that's what he requested- I guess that shows how great my cooking is) and a special cake. And Brendan will be preparing a special song on the harmonica for him. What could be better than that!?

But really, I have an amazing husband who takes such good care of me and Brendan. He's a great person inside and out, and I'm extremely lucky. Here are a few reasons why:

1. His jokes are really lame but also hilarious. He's really a funny guy- just read his posts.

2. He has a great memory- especially when it comes to obscure theme songs to random TV shows. It's really quite remarkable.

3. He's determined. When he couldn't remember how to solve his Rubik's Cube, he looked it up in his journal (which had detailed instructions from his mission days), emailed his friend Zach for some help, and even researched it on the Internet. I don't think he ever got it though...

4. He lets me do just about anything I want. He even put up with me when I bought pink sheets for our bed. He wasn't happy about it but he was wise enough to go along with it. Those sheets have since been discarded. I don't know what I was thinking. And, he'll play Boggle with me even though he HATES it. That's love.

All kidding aside, Chris is great for many many many reasons. He's a devoted father, a very sweet husband (who really does have to put up with a lot with me) and he's my rock. I've never known anyone who is so faithful and trusting as he is. When I seem to falter, he's there to help me and keep me going. I really do have it all.

So happy birthday, Chris. Love you.


  1. Nice post. It was funny like mine. I must be rubbing off on you. Also, any post with Hasslehoff is sure to be great. It's an honor to share a birthday with him as well as the british bachelor. Although, he's not nearly as cool. Happy Birthday, Chris!

  2. Awww, nice post Valerie! Do you remember one of those early dates when we went on a double up to the Delta Center. Chris and Derick told us to get all dressed up and we find out as we are going in that it was a monster truck rally!!! Happy Birthday Chris. Thanks for being a good friend to Derick!!! (even though you broke his leg or something a long time ago)

  3. Oh if only I had someone cool to look up to that was born on my birthday! lol, the Hasselhoff...that's priceless. I loved your comment on my blog. It's funny what sort of things you realize about yourself writing comments! And I have to say 1. I love boggle too, and 2. I have made my share of pink sheets mistakes in decorating! Thank goodness for long-suffering husbands!

  4. I agree with Valerie--Chris is a great guy. I don't have a blog, but if I did I would have honored him with a tribute post. A few of my favorite things about Chris include: his delicious cheese deluxes, his adoration for classic TV shows, his sneakiness and of course his sense of humor!