Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The world is his canvas

Chris took Brendan on a trip to Target last week while I had my visiting teachers over, and he came home with sidewalk chalk (which is amazing that he bought anything since he's quite the thrifty fellow). Brendan loves to draw and scribble on anything so I knew he'd love the chalk, which he did. We had quite a fun time.

A look at our little artist's work (Chris helped some too).

Look! A picture with me in it... now that's a rare occurrence.

After he was done with the chalk, he was a bit of a dusty mess so we pulled out the hose and turned on the water. Playing with the hose is a beloved activity of Brendan's and I figured since it was hot and he was dirty, it was the perfect time for it.

Fun was had by all- Brendan loved his new chalk and the hose, and we cracked up watching him. I'll be sad when the summer is over and we won't have these nice distractions.


  1. he looks so sweet playing with the chalk! oh and the first two weeks in august i have off so we should definitely plan on doing something. brendan and mary can have a play date in the pool or something

  2. Hi Val...
    How are you? I check your blog quite often. What a little doll that Brenden is. I bet it's so much fun being home with him. Hope you guys are doing well.