Wednesday, November 19, 2008

While I have a minute...

Today has been quite the day and Brendan is finally napping, giving me a few moments of rest. He seems to have caught some nasty bug and has been throwing up. He's not able to keep anything down but for the most part, he is in good spirits. We went through this last year, so we know the drill. He'll be on a diet of toast today.

And just for fun, some pictures of Mary and Brendan. Mary wasn't very happy when Stephanie left for class but I couldn't help taking a picture. It was pretty cute.

Brendan gave her a hug to help cheer her up.

And then proceeded to play with a car on top of her head. She didn't mind though. I think she's used to Brendan putting things on her head by now.

She was fun to have over and Brendan enjoyed every minute of it. And it was super nice when we had to run a few errands with the two of them in tow. For some reason, Mary's presence seemed to help Brendan behave much better than normal. Thanks, Mary!


  1. I can't stand Mary's sad face. It totally broke my heart. Brendan is so sweet though.

  2. Just had to let you know that I finally sent your disk yesterday! Sorry it took me a few days. What is it about the post office that makes it so difficult to find the time to get there?? Anyway, sorry about the delay, but I hope you like the pictures!