Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An early post this morning

Brendan decided to wake up earlier than normal today so while he's enjoying his french toast, I will blog. We're still settling in at our new apartment so these pictures are a little old but only by a couple weeks. I've been too busy unpacking and organizing to get my camera out.

We are enjoying our new apartment though it's still a mess. The extra space is oh so nice and Chris has room in the basement for all of his guitars and recording equipment. And I have room for my sewing and crafts. It feels nice to be able to have a place for everything.

Brendan even has his own playroom, just off of his bedroom, which he loves. In the mornings, the first thing he wants to do is go play in this room. I am happy that he has space to enjoy all of his toys- I had forgotten how many he has. It's a little crazy in there but he loves it. And I love that the toys are no longer overtaking my living room.

Chris has decided to go green and ride his bike to work during the spring and summer so he's been tuning it up. Brendan thinks it's the coolest thing and loves to help his dad. He did knock down the bike once but Brendan got the worst of it. The pedals scraped his back a bit but he that hasn't stopped him from playing with it since.

It's rainy season here (out of the next 7 days all but one lonely day is supposed to be cold, cloudy and rainy) but we've managed to get in a few nice days here and there. We took a walk by the river and mostly spent our time throwing sticks and rocks into it.

Hopefully regular posting will resume soon. Until then...

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