Friday, May 29, 2009

It’s been a long week


A certain little boy has been quite a handful this week. I’m not sure what exactly is bothering him but I’m putting my money on his molars that keep coming in little by little. Plus, he refuses to eat just about everything. Even his favorite foods and snacks won’t tempt him.

IMG_3675Art seems to calm him down. When we color, he wants Chris or I to draw him cars over and over, while he watches and cheers us on. I was getting a little tired of cars so to distract him from his tantrums and general crankiness, I pulled out some paints for him to play with. And it worked. He concentrated on those paints for a good hour.

IMG_3677  He liked to get giant globs on paint on the brush before he would put it on the paper.

IMG_3689The paints are now a mess but that’s how Brendan likes it. He was more interested in mixing the colors than actually putting them down on the paper. Eventually every single color was turned brown.

IMG_3698And of course, we ended up with paint on his shirt; so that came off and Brendan proceeded to paint his body.

IMG_3699I can’t help but love his creative side.


  1. Brave woman! Sorry that it's been a hard week for you. I can sympathise. We get tantrums all the time, especially with potty training. When Isaac really has to go and doesn't want to use the potty, his voice goes up several octaves and he protests against everything happening in the world. It's a little funny, but it mostly makes me want a tropical smoothie on a beach alone with my spouse.:). Love you, Val. Thanks for keeping it real. I miss you!

  2. I love the body paint. But on a side note, I got an email today about a BYU study about profanity in teen-oriented movies. The article said it was co-authored by "then Graduate student Chris Near." Is this your Chris?

  3. Christine- that was my Chris! Thanks for noticing. :)