Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Passing on the tradition

IMG_3540 Last week, we were enjoying some black olives with our dinner- one of Chris’s favorite things- when Brendan decided that it was time to stop eating and start playing again. He quickly found out that the olives make perfect finger puppets.

IMG_3543 He thought he was so funny, and you know what- he was. We all had a good laugh. It’s a good thing my camera happened to be in the kitchen that evening.

IMG_3548 He had some help but we finally got an olive on each finger. I think just about every kid does this.

IMG_3546He even tried eating one but that only lasted a second. He didn’t even bite into it. As soon as it hit his tongue, he spit it out. I’m quite surprised I got this picture, in fact. He may not eat them, but he sure does love playing with them.


  1. Do you have to be a kid to do this? Because I do it every time I buy black olives. It really is the only way to eat them :D

  2. Uncle Brian would have loved this picture. Brought back many bittersweet memories.