Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello Again

Things have been quite crazy here for us with all the unpacking, navigating our new town, enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having, and all the stuff that goes along with moving. The good thing about our move has been that I’ve uncovered several items that have been missing since our move from Utah- like our point and shoot camera charger. I decided to use my old camera for pictures this week since it’s a bit easier to take around than my large SLR. But the picture quality just isn’t the same, so I don’t think the switch will last for long.CIMG3517

I snapped this lovely photo of me and my cute boy with one of our awesome boxes in the background. This picture turned out perfect in my opinion because it cut off the gianormous zit I got on my chin- I blame it on stress since I rarely breakout.



Our move also uncovered a stash of raisins that I didn’t think we’d use since Brendan was going through a phase where he wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole. But  now? He loves them and even shouts “RAISINS!” when I ask him if he wants a snack. He also ran into the kitchen yelling “I want a snack!” when I told him it was snack time the other day. He’s speech is coming along and I love it. I still need to get him set up with a new speech therapist but I’m glad that he’s still making progress on his own for the time being.

CIMG3515 Things are slowly getting back to normal for us finally. Most of the boxes are unpacked and now the majority of the work will be finding homes for all the odds and ends. It’s finally starting to feel like a home. And I’ve been very pleased with our moving company- nothing was broken or damaged. Except for my iron, which I found out today was busted when I went to iron some clothes for church- we’ll be a little wrinkly tomorrow. :)

Chris is enjoying his new job but not the long commute. I am trying very hard to find my way around town and not get lost- thank goodness for GPS, although I did still manage to get lost with it. The weather has been beautiful and on our walks in our new neighborhood we’ve met several nice people, which makes me happy and a little more comfortable in such a large city where we don’t know anyone. And for an extra treat, we found a restaurant specializing in food from El Salvador, where Chris served his mission. He got to use some of his Spanish and we all got to eat some pupusas.  It’s been a good week.


  1. I'm glad to see that Brendan is sporting the tshirt from one of the many jobs I've had. Kuddos

  2. So where do you guys live exactly? Which ward do you go to? How long is Chris's commute? Will you go to Tyson's Corner mall for me just so you can be jealous of the mall I loved as a child? Love you!