Saturday, October 10, 2009

Speaking of Facial Hair


When Chris told me that he saw some fake mustaches at Wal-Mart, I knew we had to get some. And it was so much fun playing with them. Well, fun for Chris and I but not so much for Brendan. He hated it but we’re mean parents and forced  him to endure some photos.

IMG_5006He seriously cried in every single photo. Poor kid will probably never want to grow a mustache when he’s older.

IMG_5021See that ice cream cone at the bottom of the photo? We tried bribing him to smile but of course it didn’t work. It just made him cry harder because he wanted to eat his ice cream cone and we wouldn’t let him yet.

IMG_5020 These awesome bad-boys were only 50¢ each- how sweet is that!?!

IMG_5017 Although that’s probably why they fell off a lot. The tiniest movement would cause them to slip and slide, so it was really hard to talk with it on.

IMG_5012 But it was well worth it.

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