Monday, October 26, 2009

One last time

Chris took these photos the day we had the movers in our house packing and loading everything up, while I was out trying to entertain Brendan for the day. I thought I’d share our last photos of New Hampshire.

IMG_5052 These train tracks run up on the hill behind the property where we lived. Chris had been wanting to take pictures up there for some time but I refused to walk through the mini forest to get there because I was terrified of ticks. Ticks really freak me out not only because they look freaky but because they feed off of you. That is just not cool.

IMG_5054 I like the juxtaposition of the colors of the trees with the snow. I couldn’t believe it snowed so soon.

IMG_5059 And this was where we lived. It looks a little gloomy but it was nice place.

IMG_5062 A nice picture of the river and some train junk.


Chris has a thing for factories and smokestacks so of course he took a photo of this. To each his own.

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  1. Wow - those are really pretty. As I'm sitting here in my shorts in 80 degree weather my first thought was that your pictures must be from last year, then I read your post. Holy cow - cold already - I couldn't handle that. Didn't you guys only have summer for like one week?