Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A few good pics

Even though Brendan has been a little cranky lately, Chris and I were able to snap some cute ones of him the past few days.

This is Brendan's favorite new chew toy. I'm not sure how he figured out that his strap can reach his mouth but he loves it and everytime he's in his carseat, it's the first thing to his mouth.

This face cracks me up! It's so Brendan. I don't know how to explain it but it is.

His new buddy, Glow-Worm. He's just now rediscovering it. Thanks again John and Erin!

Flash-back to when he was only a week old and his Glow Worm kept him company.

Out of no where, Brendan starting lounging in his bath. Usually he is a splash-monster but one night he just propped his legs up and kept them there the whole time. These moments are few and far between since his little legs are almost never still.

A close up of his adorable legs. I could just eat them up!

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