Saturday, July 28, 2007

What I need...

I saw this on Erin's blog and thought it was so hilarious, I had to try it myself.
  • Valerie needs to weed out those who seek only to waste her time as soon as possible. (I really should take this to heart)
  • Valerie Needs Our Hugs. (always!)
  • Valerie needs a very committed and supportive home. (check)
  • Valerie needs to be deported. (hmmmm, this sounds a little harsh)
  • Valerie needs help periodically on an as-needed basis. (I cannot tell a lie)
  • Valerie needs to grow. (I always wished I was a couple inches taller)
  • Valerie needs a camper or truck to travel to San Antonio. (I've never been to San Antonio)
  • Valerie needs $30. (who doesn't!)
  • Valerie needs to stay on her toes. (You never know what's around the corner!)
  • Valerie needs all the allies she can get. (Sure, why not?)
  • Valerie needs a good pinching. (I think I'll pass on that one)

Here's what Chris needs:

  • Chris needs to get a hula hoop and practice moving his hips.
  • Chris needs encouragement. (You're the best! How's that?)
  • Chris needs the best of the best. (I think that's been taken care of... ahem.)
  • Chris needs a vacation. (I'm sure that's true!)
  • Chris needs a nickname. (I won't embarrass him here)
  • Chris needs a life (ouch... that hurt)
  • Chris needs all his food to be soft and mashed with a fork. (that would make eating easier)
  • Chris needs to get his facts right before making untrue comments for all to see. (has Chris finally decided to join the blogging community?)
  • Chris needs to make an effective and knowledgeable career decision. (Oh Magic 8 Ball, tell us what you see!!!)
  • Chris needs to ditch the macaroni jewelry. (He was just trying to keep up with his Grandpa's cool fashion accessories)
  • Chris needs to cool down a bit (we all know how hot-headed Chris can get.... NOT!)

Thanks, Erin! This was fun!

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the game :) You're results are hilarious. I loved the one about Chris needing to get a hula hoop!