Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th!

I love the Fourth of July... mostly because I have an extra day off from work but also because there are so many fun activities going on around Provo. The annual Freedom Parade took place early in the morning preceeded by a hotair balloon extravaganza. We missed most of that since Brendan goes down for his first nap around 9:00 or so. But we drove by it- that counts doesn't it? :) Chris treated us to breakfast from Kneader's (my favorite place for breakfast now)- the cinnamon french toast is divine! As we were heading back, we got to see a few of the balloons landing and the crowds of people headed towards the parade. That was enough for us.

Later, we headed out to the street fair which was just a few blocks from us. There were a lot of fun things for kids to do- too bad Brendan's not just a little bit older to enjoy it. Next year. Brendan got spooked by the loud music that a local folk band was playing and started crying so we decided he had enough and it was time to go home for nap number two. Plus it was insanely hot and I was ready to go home too. We all enjoyed a nice nap that afternoon, which is a rare treat for us! When we woke up, it was time for a barbeque at some friends' house and I was very glad I didn't have to cook in the heat.

All in all, it was a great fourth of July. No fireworks for us this year (no way we were keeping up Brendan) but still fun and it was great to celebrate our country's freedoms. Hope everyone's was as enjoyable as ours!

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