Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A very long night

Last night was the first time that Brendan was up for hours crying his poor heart out. Needless to say, it was very tiring and heart-wrenching. Nothing I did would console him. We finally loaded him up on Tylenol and when he started to calm down, we put him in the car and drove for 40 minutes around Provo. It was actually kinda fun- besides thinking about how nice our bed would be at that moment, it was cool to see Provo so quite and still. Luckily, Brendan fell fast asleep and when we got home, he went down without a peep.

I thought it was because he's teeething but it was a little frenzied so, of course, I really started to worry that something else was going on. So we called the doctor and luckily they were able to see him this morning at 9:00. Chris took him in for me since I'm working a full day today and tomorrow since we are taking off Thursday afternoon for Vegas to see Zach and Amber and their two kids. According to Chris, the doctor said that it's not his teeth so we can rule that out, since teething should not cause him to cry in an out-of-control-can't-stop-myself-even-if-I-wanted-to way. But it's probably a little virus that's bugging him. All we can do is keep giving him Tylenol and try to keep him as comfortable as possible. It should clear up within a week. A week... I'm REALLY hoping that it is more like a couple days. But in the meantime, we'll hold him lots and give him extra kisses. Poor little guy. :(

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