Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Family and a hair cut

I've gotten a little behind in my blogging lately. After being sick, it seemed that we could never get caught back up with everything going on in our lives. So here's what's been happening with the Near's.

Chris's Grandma Johnson came down to Provo with Uncle Greg on Tuesday. This was the first time for both of them meeting Brendan. He loved the attention and is so glad that he has even more people to love him and spoil him.

Brendan is going to be very sad when his great-grandma goes back to Michigan!

My parents also are in town, celebrating the birth of my sister's new baby, Mary. So of course, he's getting even more attention and being spoiled more than ever! And he's eating it up- along with cake and other goodies that they'll give him that we won't.

Brendan is especially excited to have a grandpa who will chase him and play with him just like boys like to play.

Brendan also got a hair cut. It was about time! His hair was starting to flip like a girl's around his ears, and we couldn't have that. So out came the clippers and I attempted to give him a hair cut. I say attempted because I really have NO clue how to cut hair- but luckily since his is so light and there's not a ton of it, you can't tell. He looks so grown-up now. I'll post some pictures of his new trim when I get a decent shot. He was so tired by this point he wasn't cooperating for the camera.

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