Wednesday, October 3, 2007

He hasn't changed a bit.

Today marks Brendan's 9 month birthday. As you can tell from the above photos not much has changed from the day he was born until today, oh, except that he has tripled in size, he can voluntarily move his limbs, and he now eats Kix on a daily basis (Brendan tested, Valerie approved).
Note to viewers: if it looks like the picture on the right is just a photo of Brendan's head floating inside his crib, don't be alarmed, he's actually wearing camouflage pajamas which make him blend in with his surroundings.
Now that Brendan is 9 months old we've decided to give him more responsibilities around the house. For instance, Brendan is in charge of cleaning up the kitchen floors. We put him in his white or grey pants and he crawls around on the floor and picks up all of the dirt just like a Swiffer. He's really good at it. Also, he's in charge of making sure that we don't leave garbage or other items on the carpet. Every time I turn around he's picking up small items that have been left around and he stores them in his mouth making sure the carpets are spotless. He is very meticulous and we never have to ask him twice to do these chores.
So, little Brendan isn't so little anymore. But not everything has changed yet. He still loves to kick his legs as fast as he can. He still loves to hold his mom's finger. And he still cries really loud, especially when we make him stop sucking on the TV screen.
- Goodnight Moon.

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