Thursday, October 11, 2007

Marissa explains it all

This past weekend all of the immediate Near family traveled up to Logan to meet Marissa Gilchrist. She is the newest addition to Carrie's family and as you can tell from the picture on the left Carrie is quite excited. The fact is, we're all excited. Perhaps the most excited one of us is Brendan. Now he finally has someone in the family younger and smaller than him that he pick on. Actually, Brendan is quite good natured like myself and he would only pick on someone if he were provoked first.

So Logan was good. We enjoyed watching General Conference together, although with all the kids screaming, crying, and playing we'll all need to go back and read the talks to catch up on the parts we couldn't hear. So aside from the visit, the drive itself was very nice. Brendan learned how to drive and Valerie took some nice pictures of the scenery. The company was good as well since we carpooled with Johnny B and Erin B.

So, the weekend was a success. Brendan and us got to visit with the grandparents, the cousins, and a good time was had by all with only one exception. You see Johnny B. was in charge of bringing bagel chips and a dip. The bagel chips were fine. However, Johnny also tried to conduct an experiment by making his own special dip and serving it to all of us unsuspecting guests. Unfortunately the dip wasn't so good. In fact, not even The Beef would eat it. But, aside from that it was a good weekend.

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