Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A sleepy face, Basketball and a fun ride

This was Brendan two days ago just after he woke up from his nap. You can still see the sleep on his face.
I especially love the crazy bed-head he's got going on. It's about time he gets a little trim, if I can make myself do it.

We also decided that Brendan needed some new toys to entertain himself with (by "we" I mean me but Chris did most of the work putting it together and he also paid- so he'll get some credit). You can't see from this photo but it's a 3 sport entertainment center with basketball, baseball (on a little t-ball stand) and a football goal post. It makes this cool music and fan applause- and even keeps score when you get the ball in the hoop- but we can't turn it on. It makes Brendan cry.

So to cheer him up....

Chris took him for a little ride in the laudry basket, which he loved.

I think it might just be possible to be killed by cuteness with a boy this adorable!

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  1. He has your cheeks Val! I always say I can't tell what parent the baby looks like until much later (like 9 months to a year). That last picture of Brenden smiling- he looks just like you.