Thursday, November 8, 2007

A day in Logan

This past Sunday, the Near clan got to gather together for a very special baby blessing. Marissa was as sweet as could be in her adorable white dress and even cuter dress shoes- sorry for the lack of photos. By the time I remembered the camera, she was already undress and napping soundly. It must have been all that tempting food that Carrie had for us that distracted me!

She really is just a sweet, sweet baby. The only time I heard her fuss was when she was hungry. After that, she was the perfect baby. I miss those days.

Mine, on the other hand, was into everything- of course. He loved the stairs and his new found ability to climb them. The only problem was he didn't get how to come down. He'd climb up a few and then try to turn around to look at you, as if to say "see how great I am!" but it would only result in him almost tumbling down face first. Luckily, Chris was on him like a hawk and that didn't happen.

There are Chris' hands, making sure Brendan didn't fall.

It really was cool though to watch him. He's so grown up. Where did my baby go?

Brendan also loved playing with Leila and Spencer, as always. I'm glad that those two are tough and can hang with him. Brendan likes to play rough. You know the kind- pushing, hair pulling, stealing toys and then sticking them in his mouth, wiping slobber on you, etc etc. He's lucky to have two great cousins who don't mind him getting into all their stuff!

Thanks for the great time, Gilchrist's! Thumbs up all around!

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