Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rise and shout

The Cougars are out!
Last night we headed to the season opening game of BYU basketball and we had a blast. Chris was lucky enough to get 4 free tickets from his professor, and since we hate turning down free things (which is why Chris will get a sample of a veggie burger from Costco on Saturdays- he said it tasted like butt, in case you were wondering- but I digress) we decided to keep Brendan up late and head over to the Marriott center with Angela and Jandon.

We had a lot of fun and we even all got a free BYU t-shirt. Too bad they were all size XL.
The sea of the white shirts in the student section. They stood for most of the game- there is no way I was doing that.

Brendan liked it for the most part. He cried quite a bit when they turned the lights down and had the players run out onto the court. I think it was a combination of too many flashing lights, horrible music, really loud clapping and whistling, and being up too late. But after that, he was happy to be there and loved the attention from everyone around him.

He'll be a Cougar fan for sure!

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