Friday, November 2, 2007

New shoes

Check out Brendan's new shoes! I just couldn't resist and finally broke down and bought him a pair of checkered Van's. I think they are so cute on him!

Brendan also loved them and wore them the very next day, when he proceeded to loose one while we were out and about- or so I thought. After searching the store for about 20 minutes, I gave up and scolded myself for being so frivilous. I should have known better- but when I went to put him in the car seat, there it was. The missing shoe was sitting nicely in the back seat. He must have kicked it off before we even got to the store and I didn't even notice.

How could you not love these shoes? The best part is that they are really soft and flexible- which is really great since he is starting to move around so much more (could walking be in the near future?). But I think next time I'll keep a better eye on them, just in case.

1 comment:

  1. Those are totally cool! It's funny because when I see baby stuff like that I totally think of you guys :)