Monday, November 12, 2007

Freedom Fries

Brendan has become increasingly interested (read obsessed here) with our food lately. Everytime we eat, he stares at it while reaching out his little hands and grunted for it. So of course, I almost always cave and let him try what I'm having. Tonight was no exception. For our FHE treat today, I decided that we should splurge on McDonalds french fries and icecream cones (which are about the only things I'll eat from the Golden Arches anymore). Brendan couldn't stand that we were eating without him so he had to try a french fry- his first ever.

His response was typical- he pulls a completely disgusted face for a brief moment before shoving the rest of the fry in his mouth. He had a good time devouring about 2 or 3 fries. Chris finally put an end to our fun and cut him off- I probably would have let him eat my hold container. :)

But who can blame me? With a face like that, I'm completely powerless to say no.

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