Friday, November 30, 2007

Thaksgiving? This year it was mostly thanksgetting.

Here are a couple of pictures of Brendan with the Near Grandparents. For some reason we don't have any pictures of all three of them together. On the left is Brendan learning how to fly his first plane. It's a little remote control plane and Brendan is small enough we were going to try to attach him to the back of it and fly him around, but unfortunately the winds from the north were too hard and we couldn't get permission from the control tower. Maybe next time. By the way these pictures are from thanksgiving in Littleton, CO. Now, the picture on the right is Brendan being fed by his Grandma. Brendan likes to eat and Grandma likes to feed so they got along quite well on this trip.
So thanksgiving was a good time. A break from school for me and a break from work for Valerie. For Brendan it was a break from Utah, which he seemed to enjoy (Colorado is just better geographically, geologically, and in levels of radicalness. Sorry Utah. Oh, and Colorado's park system is light years ahead of anything Utah has). Moving on. The drive to Colorado is about 7-8 hours long. We were afraid Brendan was going to whine and be a terror the whole time. Valerie can also get cranky on these long drives. Anyway, Valerie suggested we get him a big boy front facing car seat. So we did and it worked. Valerie and Brendan were both very good on the drive. Brendan likes facing the front and he especially likes his seat which looks like a mini throne. It sits him up extremely high on lots of soft, meticulously crafted padding. It's lined with a majestic trim of a royal purple color, and it comes equipped with his own beverage holder which holds his bottles for about five seconds before he knocks it out onto the floor in a location impossible to reach while we're driving. The seat also reclines so that the Little Prince can nap comfortably when he so desires.

(This is me potty training Brendan).

While in Colorado my parents watched Brendan one night so that Valerie and I could go out. We went to the movies ($9.75 per ticket) and saw "Dan in Real Life." Here's my review: There were some funny parts, there were a couple of really funny parts, there were some not-so-funny parts, and there were some sad parts. All of that adds up to three stars which means I would recommend it.

In conclusion, Thanksgiving was fun. Brendan loved seeing his grandparents. Valerie and I had a nice break from our routine and things were good. The end.

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