Friday, March 21, 2008

I made it through day 1

I've decided that I am officially a Coca-Colaholic and I'm hoping that by announcing my addiction to the blogging world, I'll be supported in my decision. I finally have gotten tired of myself complaining about losing the last bit of my baby weight and I had an epiphany that my 2-3 Coke's everyday can't be helping me. :) So I'm jumping off the band wagon cold turkey and I've made it through one day so far. The first day wasn't so bad but we'll see how the next couple go. I've been told that the first three days are the hardest. I think the hardest for me will be any time I'm at work since Coke really helps me to get through my job. But I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that this time I'll stick to it! Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!

    It might help if you find something to replace the coke with - like twinkies. It will make the transition a lot easier and probably more permanent.

  2. Good for you! About a year ago I started to cut back on soda all together. I feel so much healthier now, and I drink a ton more water, which is way better. Sometimes I get bored of water and need something sweeter, so I drink my "pink soda", which is just Country Time pink lemonade. I get the huge can at Sam's Club. At work I drink bottled water.

    Ian says he suggests Coke Zero - same great taste, Zero calories.

  3. I agree, Coke zero is great. We wish you looooots of luck!

  4. Derick had to do that with Dr Pepper. He did it cold turkey and it totally worked! He did start eating candy though...