Saturday, March 29, 2008


Brendan had yet another run in with the pavement outside our place and is once again cut up. But luckily it was nothing serious- just some superficial scrapes on his forehead and nose. He got tripped up by a soccer ball and after a few tears, he was right back to his normal happy self. We're lucky to have such an easy going little guy!

Brendan also final fits in his overalls that Grandma and Grandpa L bought him back when we visited Illinois when he was only 3 months old. I think they may be the cutest thing he owns now. And loved them too- so much in fact that he let me take some pictures of him while he was being still.
I've been especially thankful for our little guy the last few days. My friend and co-worker Bryan and his wife Marcae lost their little girl Kate earlier this week after a long battle with different medical problems. She was such a sweet and strong little girl with amazing parents. We attended the funeral today and I was really touched by the Spirit there. I have definitely been more grateful for my wonderful family and a sweet, healthy little boy. Especially one who looks so adorable in his engineer overalls.


  1. I had some overalls like that as a kid. With a matching engineer cap. I was so cool back then.

  2. Holy cow, Val. I looked at your coworker's blog and I was so touched by how beautiful their messages have been about their beautiful daughter. I also loved that they are getting so much support--even in the blogging world. There were 55 responses to their announcement that their daughter had passed away. What an example they are. Thanks for letting me know, and you're so right--it makes you want to treasure your little ones.

  3. Brendan is big and so cute! This is Zach's sister, by the way. It was fun to take a peak at your blog!

  4. I am so glad you posted about Bryan's baby passing away, because I used to work with him. He got a new job just as his wife was about to give birth to Kate, and I only ever heard that she had some problems with her heart. So it was really saddening for me to see what happened, but I'm glad I could write them a note. Where do you work? Would you tell him I said hi and that I'm so sorry for their loss?
    Also, you're right, I am obsessed with etsy, and you're part of the reason! lol, I think you're one of the people whose blog I found a link to etsy. Thanks--it's the best obsession ever!