Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm a little sad

Brendan got a hair cut. Doesn't he look handsome?! Chris kept pressuring me to give him a bowl cut or a mullet but I think this looks better.

I must admit that it makes me a little sad though. He doesn't look like my little baby with his new 'do. Cutting off a couple inches somehow made him look more like a little boy, which breaks my heart! Here's the before:
This was taken after church, right before we chopped of his cute hair. The tie was Chris' choice and it conveniently covered up the juice stains on his nice white shirt.

His hair was getting a little long and I do like the new short hair but it's so strange to see my little boy look so grown p! It was very difficult to get him to sit still and the tears were flowing strong by the end of it. Next time, I think we'll take Brendan to get his hair cut by someone trained to do so. It'll be worth it.


  1. Well, obviously, he is embracing the cut. Look at those awesome smiles! It stinks to cut your little one's hair. Even though I think using ribbons and bows every day will drive me nuts with little girls(and yes, that means I plan on making my girls look girly), at least we don't have to chop their hair off.

    It is hard to see kids look older, but I always feel more comfort when Isaac's in his pajamas. He looks like my little baby in pj's, no matter what the 'do. So three cheers to footie pajamas and our sweet little toddlers.

    Hey, I'll be in Utah on April 29th, and then there for almost a month so we need to play!

  2. Seriously, Brendan was so hilarious last night when I was over there. He always cracks me up! I like his new haircut.