Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Office

Brendan loves to be in our office- even if no one else is in there. There are all sorts of fun things for him to "play" with: the computer (of which he managed to somehow disable our CD drive), Chris' bass guitar, my craft boxes, and numerous cords to chew on. We do try to keep him out, especially if one of us needs to be on the computer, but he bangs on the door and cries so loud we always break down and let him in.

One day when I got home from work, Chris told me that Brendan had gotten into a place he's never been before, which really scared me. had horrible pictures of the toilet or garbage can running through my head. Turns out it was just our bookshelf in the office. He managed to climb in and squeeze his little body on the shelf. I'd much rather have him play on the bookshelf. It's much cleaner.

He's getting very good at typing and manages to pull up windows and screens that I have no idea how to do without a mouse. It really is amazing. The computer was in process of shutting down one evening but Brendan got to it before it finished, somehow got it back to the start up screen and logged in as a new user. We seriously don't know how he did it.


  1. Interesting pictures of a beautiful grandson! We love the one of him on the shelf. What a Calvin, even if he doesn't have a Hobbs (yet).

    Grandpa and Grandma

  2. I love the picture of him in the shelf.

    And I hate to spoil a good mystery, but the secret to Windows is - if you at least have the intelligence of a third grader, nothing works. If you don't - well, Brenden would tell you how easy it is for him to get Windows to do what he wants it to, if he could talk.

  3. Seriously...Brendan is my favorite! He is so hilarious. Poor little guy was so mad at you last night--right when we come over you make him go to bed. Mario Party was fun we need to play again.