Monday, March 17, 2008

A Race and an Addition

The Rex Lee Run was on Saturday and since my work was paying for any employee and their spouse to run if they wanted, I though why not? Quite a few people I knew would be walking it so I thought I'd join them and make it a family affair. Brendan loves walks, what could go wrong? Well, let's just say that this wasn't a good idea. Brendan didn't even make it a half mile before Chris had to head back with him. First, it was freezing. Poor Brendan just wasn't happy and his teeth were chattering so badly. It broke my heart. Second, my work though we should all gather together about an hour before the race so we could take pictures and make sure that everyone got registered okay. Well, Brendan was not happy with that. He hates being in his stroller if it's not moving, so standing around for 45 minutes was all he could stand. By the time the race started, he was freezing and extremely upset. So while Chris took him back to the car to warm up, I walked the race alone. I thought about running it for about 2 seconds until I realized that I haven't ran since before I was pregnant, so starting my running routine with a 5K was not going to happen. At least I did it though and it was for a good cause. And at least we didn't pay for it. And we got free t-shirts.

We did warm Brendan back up with a nice hot bath that cheered him up immensely.
And meet the newest addition to our family. A brand new TV. We decided to spoil ourselves a little with our tax return. Don't worry- we saved the rest of it. We're not foolish enough to blow all of it. Chris made sure to find us some good deals and saved us a chunk of cash. So now we're enjoying watching TV in a whole new way. First the quality is enormously better. Wow. Second, we can actually see the entire screen. Our old TV wasn't formatted right or something since about an inch or so of the program would be cut off on the sides and bottom. It was incredibly annoying. Having the new TV definitely made up for my horrible race experience. Thanks to Chris for getting it! Also a big thanks to Jandon and Angela for letting us use their Jeep to haul our new TV stand (isn't it cute!? We got a good deal on it from Craig's List! I love the Internet). We couldn't have done it without Jandon's manual labor assisting Chris. Really. So now I'm resting my poor legs and complaining a lot about my shins hurting while watching our new TV! Here's a happy photo to end this post:
Brendan loves to climb up on this foot stool and watch all the exciting action at the gas station across the street. He jabbers away and occasionally says bye-bye to the cars going by and waves to them. He's so sweet. He has recently re-discovered his love of waving to everyone and anyone/thing. He'll often wave at inanimate objects. He's just got so much love!


  1. Poor Brendan looks freezing!! You guys look cute at the run and I love the pic of Brendan looking out the window. We just want to thank you for getting a new awesome tv for us to play wii on and watch tv on with you!

  2. Your hair looks awesome in the 5K picture! New cut? And what's with all this "new addition" suspense? Lindsay posted about the third member of the Near family...sheesh. I get all excited about secrets divulged, and, alas, I get a fish and a TV. It's okay:). They're way easier than the real deal.

  3. Okay Val, I'll admit it, I'm completely jealous!! I am also a craigslist lover, and I have never seen anything that cute! That is exactly what I have been looking for. Do you know where it came from originally (since I might have to copy you and pay full price)? Awesome find!

  4. ya gotta love those vizios! even full price they're cheap. we still on for thurs and fri for baby watching? let me know if anything comes up!