Sunday, December 14, 2008

Because I am impatient

I was waiting for Chris to write a witty post to explain our up-coming journey but I'm tired of waiting. So here's the scoop- we're moving to New Hampshire in three weeks. Berlin, NH to be exact. Chris accepted a job offer with a PR Measurement firm as the their new Director of Research. Berlin is a small but beautiful town and we're excited to be moving on to new things. If interested, you can see some really beautiful pictures of our new town here and here.

We also finally got our Christmas tree up last week. Brendan had fun running around the lot zig-zagging between the trees and making us chase him. He was hard to keep track up with so many places to hide! But we finally picked one out and got it home. Brendan wasn't very interested in helping decorate it but liked looking at all the ornaments.

He also liked to pull them off and then throw them back into the tree. And he has a strange obsession with throwing his blocks into the tree as well. He laughs and laughs the whole time.

He also LOVES to jump off of things now. Sometimes he barely gives us enough warning that he's about to jump but luckily he hasn't gotten hurt yet.

And my little Picasso. He really loved the paint although it was a bit messy and he kept wanting to paint everything in sight. I should have prepared more but at least I know for future painting sessions.

Hopefully we'll be able to keep a normal routine around here the next couple of weeks as we get ready for the big move.


  1. how exciting!! your new town looks absolutely beautiful. I LOVE New England! that part of the country is so, so neat. are you thinking you'll buy a house or rent in the beginning? I'm excited to hear all of the details. good luck packing and getting ready to head out there!

  2. Yay, New England!!!! It is beautiful up there, and I miss it terribly. I have family in NH...not sure where...but perhaps nearby? I'll find out and let you know. If they do live near you, make sure to take them up on any invitations to dinner they may give. Scrumptious! Anyway, I hope they have the power back on by the time you move there. :) Good luck with the packing and congrats!!!

  3. WOW! Well that makes me even more glad I got to take your pictures and see you before you head off to my old (kinda) neck of the woods, the East! I'm so happy for you guys. Can't wait to hear what your small town is like and all of your adventures!

  4. Wow! New Hampshire! I loved New Hampshire. You're quite a bit farther north than we were, but it's BEAUTIFUL up there. What a fun move! Oh, Boston...I miss Boston.
    Brendan is getting so big. Looks like he's enjoying Christmas!

  5. I didn't believe Derick when he told me about your move! I am jealous you guys are moving onto bigger and better and out of Utah! When will we ever see you again?! Lets get together one last time before you guys leave!