Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving was last week

This is mostly a montage of pictures for everyone to enjoy. The old saying "a picture says a thousand words" is kind of true, but I've found that they don't say the exact words I want them to say so I'll fill in a few of my own words. Thanksgiving this year took place at The Gilchrist home up in Logan. The weather was nice, the food was good and the company was adequate. Just kidding, the company was spectacular, a fun time for all.

The first picture portrays the grandparents trying to hold onto the grand kids for a few seconds. The grandparents were nice enough to drive all the way out here to visit us. Leila didn't mind sitting, but Brendan did because he prefers not to be still, especially when there are new toys to play with.

The second picture portrays Carrie making an apple pie. Due to Brendan's sleep schedule we left before we were able to try it. That almost ruined Thanksgiving for me, but the other delicious pies made up for it. They included: chocolate cream with almonds, Reece's peanut butter cream, and a pumpkin turtle pie. All very good.

The third picture portrays Aaron sleeping. The lame football games put him right to sleep. Whoever decided that the crappy Detroit Lions should play every Thanksgiving wasn't too bright. Nobody wants to watch that team.

Pictured in the fourth photo is me, also asleep from the boring football games. Actually, I might have just blinked when the photo was taken, but that doesn't make the crummy football game anymore exciting.

The fifth picture shows the little kiddies playing with a fun toy that uses air pressure to blow little balls through some tubes and into the air out of the top of the toy. Perhaps the only thing louder than the kids screaming and playing was the motor on this toy. It was loud and forced everyone to yell if they wanted to be heard. The only kid not pictured here is Spencer. He was playing with his dinosaurs. He is an expert on dinosaurs and he told us all about their life cycle including some mating rituals. If you aren't familiar with T-Rex's mating rituals, then you should definitely consult with Spencer, it would be well worth your time and money. He charges a small fee.

This next picture is Valerie and Brendan. This may or may not have been taken on Thanksgiving. Let's assume that it was and we'll say that the food on Brendan's cheek is gravy. Valerie took almost all of the pictures so it was hard to find one with her in it.
The final picture is a sweet picture of Uncle Beefy feeding Brendan a plastic cookie cutter. He told Brendan that it would be delicious and to take a big bite of it. Poor little Brendan took the bait and got a mouth full of Chinese produced plastic. Okay, so Johnny-B didn't really trick Brendan. Brendan voluntarily eats plastic all of the time, but Johnny-B probably would have tricked him if he hadn't started heating it on his own.
So Thanksgiving break was nice. It was good to see family and it was good to give thanks for our bounty of things and blessings. So a Merry Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night.


  1. You didn't have to write anything at all--the pictures conveyed to me the exact same words as your text, so it was like I read your blog twice.

    We have the same noisy ball-blowing toy.

  2. A fine job telling the tale of Thanksgiving. No mention of the epilogue: A Sunday @ Fro's???