Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Days

It's a good thing I like to be prepared. We bought Brendan these snow boots 2 months ago and it FINALLY snowed enough for him to enjoy it. Chris helped pick out the boots- his only request was that they be as close to 80's moon boots as possible. I think we came pretty close.

Brendan REALLY likes his boots. He has worn them for 2 days straight and enjoyed jumping in slush and puddles while we were out running Christmas errands today.

I think our boy is addicted to snow. He loved being outside in it despite the cold temperature. He even braved picking some up in his bare hands although that didn't last long. I do have mittens for him but he refuses to keep them on so he had to learn the hard way. He still won't wear the mittens though.

I'm glad that the snow is finally here and for the nice distraction it's proving to be for us. We've been having some cabin fever lately so it was fun to get outside and play around. And I'm glad we're not experiencing sub-zero temperatures like some of our family and friends in other areas of the country! This is what I'll miss about Utah- one minute it's a mini-blizzard out and an hour later the sun is out and we're enjoying the fresh snow.


  1. looks like fun. that's the one drawback of living in sunny california... we can't just walk outside to play in the snow.

  2. How fun! I can't wait until Aine is old enough to be out in the snow enjoying it. Those are great pictures!