Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tomorrow is Christmas

And tonight we celebrated by having Brendan show off his new pj's. Can I brag for a second about these sweet jammies? I got them at Gap for $6. They were originally $22. I was very proud of my deal hunting skills and relieved that Brendan got his new pajamas for Christmas. I had planned on sewing him a pair but that just didn't happen and since I only spent $6 on these, I feel pretty good about it.

We also got Brendan a new toothbrush for an early Christmas gift. He really really LOVES his toothbrush but only because he likes the flavored toothpaste that goes along with it. He's gone through 2 toothbrushes because he constantly carries them around and chews on the bristles. I'm determined that this one will last longer.

Here he is just sucking the fruit flavored toothpaste off. We're working on the brushing part.

Here is my big boy doing it all by himself. I really am amazed at how independent he is. He loves to do things by himself and he's starting to throw fits if we don't let him. If I try to brush his teeth, he gets quite angry.

But if Chris does it, of course it's okay. He is such a daddy's boy! Chris was behind the camera for once but Brendan really wanted to get in his lap and have him brush his teeth. At least we got some brushing in.

And the night would not be complete without some pre-Christmas spinning! After a few minutes, he could hardly pick himself up off the ground.

After all this spinning, we tried to settle him down for bed time. As we read about the birth of our Savior, I couldn't help but feel extremely blessed. My sweet little family is the best gift I could have this season. And we're lucky that we'll be able to spend tomorrow with more family. We had a very festive Christmas Eve here and are looking forward to a great day tomorrow.

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  1. Cute p.j.'s! I can't believe the great deal you got on them! Wasn't Christmas fun with the age our babies are? Merry Christmas!