Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A few things

I was tagged by my friend Angela some time ago to post the 4th photo in the 4th folder on my computer... so here it is.

Sorry it took me so long, Angela! This brought back some memories. Brendan looks so little and he's got a scrape on his nose from pulling our box fan onto himself. And I bought his shirt from Baby Gap for this occasion and returned it the next day. It served its purpose. $20 was a little too pricey to spend on a tiny shirt.

And to keep the tagging tradition alive, I will tag my lovely friends Bekah and Teagan.

Any who, did I ever mention that my friend Jenn took some ADORABLE pictures of us? Well, she did and I love them. Brendan was a bit of a handful (not surprising) but luckily we got some cute ones of him.

He mostly just wanted to run around like a madman and play, so Jenn snapped some pictures of him in action. So cute.

And his sweet Converse shoes. I can't believe she caught him still long enough to get this photo but it's one of my favorites.

And in bigger news, the three of us will soon be moving. Soon. I'll leave you in suspense for now until Chris has a moment to write up a post explaining. There are a few of you already in the know so try not to ruin my fun. Hee hee.

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