Saturday, June 13, 2009

A few thoughts

I think this deserved its own post since I didn’t want to crowd a recap of our adventures with my in-laws (more on that as soon as I finish editing all the photos I took). I don’t often write about spiritual experiences since they are so personal and hard for me to put in words, but this is going to be an exception.

We were lucky to be able to drive out to Sharon, VT- the birthplace of Joseph Smith- on Tuesday. It was an amazing place and I’m so glad that we took the time to go there.


We listened to a sister missionary as she gave us a short tour of the visitor center and the grounds, and even though Brendan was not in the mood to cooperate much after sitting in the car for 3 hours, I couldn’t help but feel the spirit strongly there.


As a teenager, I was able to spend a weekend for Youth Conference at Nauvoo. It was during that weekend that I truly began to believe, specifically while I was sitting in Carthage Jail, where the beloved Prophet was martyred. It was one of the first times that I felt the spirit so strongly that I couldn’t deny what I was feeling. I have had a deep appreciation and love for the Prophet Joseph Smith ever since and I can honestly say that that moment changed me and the path that I was on. The experience I had this week reinforced those feelings and belief that he truly was called of God, but on this visit I was struck with another feeling.


As we walked around the site and as we got in the car to head to our next destination, I had the repeated thought of the scripture in James that says “faith without works is dead.” I am so glad that I have a testimony of what happened in that sacred grove in the Spring of 1820 but I kept reflecting on the fact that I have to act on that testimony as well. I couldn’t help but feel that there is more that I can do, more that I can be.


Joseph Smith was an amazing example of doing more and being more. Being here in New Hampshire has been a great opportunity for me to not only build my testimony but also to put that testimony to action. We’ve had so many opportunities to serve and I’m grateful for those, even though I haven’t always been in the best mood or felt up to the task. Sometimes I just want to be lazy. But then I think of Joseph Smith and all that he sacrificed- my sacrifices can’t even compare. I think I’ll be a little more willing to do more from now on.


  1. So impressed with your comments. We are proud you and your family are moving forward!

  2. Thanks for putting up this post. I really enjoyed it.